SEO Content Writer and Copywriter

SEO Content Writer and Copywriter

Specializing in SEO Content Writing 

To Help You Quickly Increase Your ROI


Specializing in SEO Content Writing 

To Help You Quickly Increase Your ROI

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If you are looking for creative content to captivate your reader and rank high with the ever-changing Google algorithms - let me show you how an SEO Content Writer  can help you and your business:

Three quick reasons why I would hire me (hope they work for you, too)

1.  Crazy Fast, Detailed and Accurate Research

Great content has great research. From my early years as a journalist and legal researcher -   doing crazy fast, detailed,  and accurate research is second nature to me.

2.  Reliable and Deadline Driven

My first job was as a reporter for a newspaper (yep, with real ink and paper). If your story was not on time - it was not printed. Period. All those movies about “Stop The Presses”  - not really accurate. The presses don’t stop - and neither do your deadlines. 

Also,  I am blessed/cursed with the need to be on time. Great for travel. Great for content writing. Great for you. Family get togethers - not so much.

3.  Writing for the Reader and Google Spiders

I always write to entertain and inform the reader. But in my writing career I had to do that, plus make a variety of other people happy with the content style - like editors, attorneys, judges, and  various bosses.

Today there is Google. If you want your content to get highly ranked, it has to jump through hoops and over the hurdles of ranking algorithms and other matrices. It’s a creative art and in-the-know science. But, if they can’t find you - they can’t hear you.

There are some writing samples below:

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  • BA Journalism
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  • SEO Content Writer and Copywriter


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